Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary May 27, 2012!

The Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

Did you know?
Many wanted to build a bridge to connect San Francisco to Marin County. San Francisco was the largest American city still served primarily by ferry boats. Because it did not have a permanent link with communities around the bay, the city's growth rate was below the national average. Many experts said that a bridge couldn’t be built across the 6,700 ft (2,042 m) strait. It had strong, swirling tides and currents, with water 500 ft (150 m) in depth at the center of the channel, and frequent strong winds. Experts said that ferocious winds and blinding fogs would prevent construction and operation.

How are you going to celebrate?

You could….

Tweet about your thoughts and reactions to 75th anniversary celebrations and activities; be sure to hashtag #ggb75

Tell your favorite story or memory of the Bridge; visit to add to our collective “valentine” to the Bridge

Write a poem or song about the Bridge and share it with GGB at

Sing “Happy Birthday” to the Bridge and post your video to GGB Facebook page

Upload your favorite photographs of the Bridge on GGB Flickr page

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