Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Giants!!

Go Giants!!!!! This is their first trip to the play-offs for seven years and they are playing like champs…creating a new kind of history! Let’s hope they win tonight!


Back in the day, when the Giants moved from New York to San Francisco, they played in Seals Stadium (at 16th and Bryant streets) for their first two seasons. In 1960, the Giants moved to Candlestick Park (aka "The Stick"), a stadium built on a point in San Francisco's southeast corner overlooking San Francisco Bay. The new stadium quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most inhospitable in baseball, with swirling winds, cold temperatures and impenetrable evening fog. But, it stood its ground when the earth below shook violently during the 1989 World Series with a magnitude 7.1 earthquake during the pre-game ceremonies of Game 3. Eleven years later, in 2000, after 40 years at Candlestick Park, the Giants bid a bittersweet farewell to their old home and relocated to a new, privately financed downtown stadium. Originally know as Pacific Bell Park, then renamed SBC Park. However, since 2006, the Giants ballpark has been known as AT&T Park, and sits on the shores of China Basin (referred to as McCovey Cove by Giants fans). As of this posting, the Giants are one game up against the Atlanta Braves for the National League title.

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