Monday, August 16, 2010

Special insider secret from Red and White Fleet President Tom Escher:

Head to Boudin Bakery at Fisherman’s Wharf and purchase any of their French bread, plus your favorite beverage. Then, walk across Taylor Street to Fisherman’s Grotto #9 crab stand (outside where they cook and sell fresh crab) and buy the largest Dungeness cooked crab (be sure the crab is heavy as I feel the heavy crabs are the sweetest). Ask for the crab to be cracked – no extra charge - and wrapped in paper. Request a few lemon slices…if you smile I think he will probably give them to you for free….some people like cocktail sauce so if you like cocktail sauce ask for a little container…personally, I just like the crab with a drip of lemon. Don’t forget to ask for an extra paper bag for all the waste. With your picnic in hand, stroll down Taylor Street to Pier 45. There is a roadway between Fisherman’s Grotto # 9 and Pier 45. Take this roadway and go west in the direction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Continue about 300 meters to the waters edge. There you will find a brown building with a bell tower on your left…that is the Fisherman’s & Seaman’s Chapel. Go around that building onto the water side – right next to the building – and stop. You have arrived. Sit down, put your back against the building, open the beverage, open the crab, rip the bread, enjoy the meal and watch the fishing boats entering and departing the historic wharf area. And, please be sure to clean up by putting the trash into the paper bag so that the next person can also enjoy the views of San Francisco.

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